Important School Information

Below is information for students and parents to be successful throughout the school year.

School Start and End Times

The start and end times for Nova Classical Academy are as follows:

  • K–5: 8:40 am–3:40 pm (earliest drop-off at 8:15 am)
  • 6–12: 8:40 am–3:45 pm (earliest drop-off at 8:15 am)

Nova Classical Academy is not staffed to supervise children before or after the above hours unless they are participating in an approved after-school and/or extracurricular activity. We rely on parents to provide timely transportation for their children and not to expect Nova’s staff to supervise outside of these hours.

To report an absence, please call in to (651) 209-6320 and select option 8.

Click here to submit your child’s absence online.


Regular school attendance is directly related to success in academic work, benefits students socially, provides opportunities for important communications between teachers and students, and establishes regular habits of dependability. For detailed information, see the “Student Attendance Statute” MN 120A.22 Subd. 4 and 6.

Reporting Student Absences

Please contact the school in advance if you know your child will be absent. Student absences must be reported to the school by the start of school on the day of the absence or tardy. Parents may report an absence by calling the school office, or by submitting notification of absence online.

Student Sign-Out Policy

Students must be signed in and out of the school building by a parent or guardian. When a parent, guardian, or other authorized person comes to pick up a student during the instructional day, he or she must come into the school office to sign out the student or to provide a written notice to the school. A student will not be pulled from class for a mid-day sign out until a parent arrives in the school office. Please time appointments and student pick-up accordingly.

Ill-Child Pick Up

The school will make every effort to contact a parent or guardian immediately when a student is sick and needs to go home during the school day. It is expected that when you receive a call regarding an ill child, you will pick him/her up within 60 minutes of being contacted.

Absences: Excused

A student absent from school shall be excused for the following reasons:

  1. Absence because of illness, medical, dental or diagnostic testing appointments.
    The school may require an absence of three (3) consecutive school days or more due to these reasons to be documented in writing by the treating physician, dentist, other health professional.
  2. Absence because of death in the immediate family. Immediate family includes the grandparents of the student and the descendants of a grandparent of the student.
  3. Absence due to attendance or observance of religious holidays. We request written notice of absences due to religious observance in advance of the absence.
  4. Pre-planned college visits for students and families.
  5. Absences because of other circumstances as approved by Administration prior to the absence.

Absences: Unexcused and Truancy

All absences other than those described in the Excused Absences section above are considered unexcused. The consequences for unexcused absences are as follows:

  1. 3 Unexcused Absences:  Nova will send a written notification (attendance alert letter) to the parent and student regarding the school attendance issue with a warning that a failure to improve will result in a referral to the School Attendance Matters program (SAM).
  2. 5 Unexcused Absences:  Nova will send a written notification to the parent and student that a referral has been made to the School Attendance Matters program (SAM).  The parent will be notified by the Ramsey County Attorney’s office of the date and time of the program meeting.  The parents and/or student(s) are required to attend this meeting.
  3. 5-10 Unexcused Absences:  A meeting with the school principal is required to complete an In-School Attendance Contract.
  4. 10+ Unexcused Absences: Nova will notify the parent and student that a referral has been made for a School Attendance Review Team (SART) hearing. The parent will be notified by the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office of the date and time of the hearing.
  5. 15+ Unexcused Absences: Students whose attendance does not improve after the SART hearing may be petitioned to Court.

* The School of Grammar counts absences by the days. – 1 day = 1 day.

* The School of Logic and Rhetoric counts absences by the period. – 7 periods = 1 day.

* Both the Upper and Lower School counts 3 unexcused tardies as 1 unexcused absence.

Please contact the appropriate school office in advance whenever you know your child will be absent; we have dial-in absence phone lines as well as an online absence form on the Nova website. If your child will be absent or tardy, you must notify the school by the start of the day on the day of the absence or tardy. Missed school work due to excused absences must be made up per the section on Make-Up Work.

Long-Term Leave

Nova Classical Academy has adopted a Long-Term Leave policy (306) which allows families to request a long-term leave for students that extends beyond being absent for fifteen consecutive school days. Families must request long-term leave from Nova’s Executive Director in writing at least 30 days before the start of the long-term leave. Students may not miss more than the equivalent of one semester which is one-half of the student contact days for the school year as determined by the school calendar to be eligible for long-term leave. No more than two (2) students in each grade level nor four (4) students in each school (Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric) will be granted long-term leave in any school year. Full policy details, guidelines, and the long-term request form are located in the Board Policy section of Nova’s website.

To submit a request click here.

Health & Wellness

Questions? Please contact the Health Office

Minnesota Health Care ProgramsDownload
Health Office ProtocolsDownload
Medication AuthorizationDownload
Physician Form Kindergarten/7thDownload
Wellness PolicyDownload

Educational Benefits

Educational Benefits & Menus

2022-23 Application for Educational Benefits Packet (English)Download
2022-23 Application for Educational Benefits Packet (Spanish)Download
2022-23 Application for Educational Benefits Packet (Hmong)Download
2022-23 Application for Educational Benefits Packet (Somali)Download
2022-2023 Grades 6-12 Food Service InformationDownload
Family Lunch Accounts on Infinite CampusDownload

Questions? Please contact our Food Services Director


Lunch FAQ

Do you have just one meal selection for students?

  • K-5 students may choose from three meals daily: hot entrée with salad bar and milk, sandwich with salad bar and milk, or a vegetarian protein option with salad bar and milk.
  • 6-12 students may choose the regular hot meal option with salad bar and milk or they may opt for our a la carte meal service.
  • A la carte meal service is only available for students in grades 6-12.

Who provides the food for the lunches?

We use CKC Good Food to serve our meals.

Can meals be purchased “day of”?

All meals are selected “day of.” We do not require meals or milk to be ordered in advance.

Who can purchase a la carte items?

Only staff and students in grades 6-12 may purchase a la carte items.

What meal service do you offer?

Nova Classical offers breakfast, lunch, and after-school snack services each day.

Do you accept cash payments for meals?

Nova Classical does not accept cash payments. All lunch accounts must have a positive cash balance to purchase items. When your child’s balance is at or below $10.00, you will receive an email reminder to deposit funds. Meal accounts are not permitted to go to a negative balance.

How do I put lunch money in my student’s accounts?

Visit our “Family Lunch Account on Infinite Campus Directions”

If you know you don’t have a Parent Portal account on Infinite Campus, please fill out this form to request one, thank you!

Transportation & Silent Dismissal

Nova Classical provides free bus transportation to all students living within the city of St. Paul, more than two miles from Nova. Additionally, we provide bus transportation to students living within two miles of the school at a cost of $200/family for the year. Student bus information automatically rolls forward to the next year and the bus company sends postcards to families in mid-August with bus stop information for that school year. Email us if you need changes made to your bus transportation (new rider, no longer riding, move to a new address, etc.).

Silent Dismissal (Grades K-5)

In an effort to streamline our dismissal process as well as increase safety, we use a program called Silent Dismissal for our end of day dismissal procedure. Click the following links for more information:

Silent Dismissal Parent LetterDownload
Silent Dismissal Frequently Asked QuestionsDownload

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Parking and traffic around Nova can be tricky, particularly at morning drop off and afternoon pick up. For the safety of our students and everyone in the Nova community, please follow the rules of all posted street signs and directions from staff if you are asked to move.

Nova Parking and Driving Map

For the safety of all families, please follow these rules:

  • Pay attention to posted parking signs and do not park in illegal areas. Illegal areas include the bus loading zone, passenger loading zones, driveway entrances to the Nova parking lot, within 20 feet of a crosswalk (marked and unmarked) and any area that indicates no parking. Choose a different space if you’re unsure if you are parked legally.
  • Passenger loading zones are ONLY for quick drop off and pick up. Parking in these areas is prohibited. The driver should remain in the vehicle at all times in the passenger loading zones. If your child(ren) can’t get in and out of the car quickly, please find a place to park instead of using the passenger loading zones.
  • Drop off and pick up for students whose last name begins with the letters A – K is on the Mercer St. (back) side of the building. Drop off and pick up for students whose last name begins with the letters L – Z is on the Victoria Way (front) side of the building. Kindergarten ONLY drop off is done, in person, via the main entrance and pick up via the Kindergarten entrance on the Victoria Way side of the building.
  • Follow the direction of staff members, crossing guards, etc. When crossing the street, use the designated crosswalk on the south side of the building and the unmarked crosswalk on the north side of the building (we are working on getting this painted). Do not cross between buses or parked vehicles. As adults, we are role models for our young scholars and want to make sure they are crossing streets safely by our example.
  • Do not make a U-turn on any of the streets adjacent to Nova. Please drive around the block instead.
  • Do not use your cell phone or any other device that may distract you while driving.

Following these directives will provide for a more efficient drop off/pick up process and ensure our students’ safety as well as that of the larger community. Thank you for your cooperation!

School Fees

Activities – RevTrack

Field Trips – RevTrack

Lunch – Infinite Campus

Scholar Zone – RevTrack

School Events – RevTrack

Spirit Wear – BSN Sports

Transportation – PayPal Invoice

LibraryGo: A Partnership with St. Paul Public Libraries

LibraryGo cards are active and ready to use!

Nova’s LibraryGo partnership with the Saint Paul Public Library (SPPL) grants library access to all our students regardless of where you live. Your student’s card is active and ready to use! Check out the library’s online collections of e-books, e-audiobooks, access online magazines, newspapers and databases from home, or go to one of the library’s 14 neighborhood branches to check out up to 5 library materials including books, CDs, DVDs, and Maker Kits. This program is completely free. The materials do not incur late fees and there is a read-down-the-cost program for fees incurred from lost items.

Go to Your child’s library card number is built using their Nova Lunch PIN number:

Nova’s number (2209190300) + (your child’s 4-digit lunch PIN number)

Password: Your child’s birthday written MMDDYY, for example, January 26, 2012 would be 01262012

Contact Ms. Gabor if you have any questions.

Uniform Assistance: Nova Classical assists families that qualify for educational benefits in purchasing uniform items from Donald’s.  Apply to educational Benefits here.

Uniforms at Nova Classical Academy

Nova Classical Academy utilizes a uniform code and practice that we see as vital to the success of our students and our school as a whole. The purpose of the uniform policy is two-fold. First, it is functional: to focus students’ attention on their work at school rather than their attire and to project a unified school image, which is proper and neat in appearance, reflecting the importance we place on being prepared to learn. Second, it is philosophical: serving as a tool of character development (i.e., developing a sense of simplicity, dignity, and respect; understanding principles and how rules are connected to principles; making prudent decisions, etc.). Uniforms are a means to help all members of the school attend to the mission and vision of the school.

Nova Classical Academy students are expected to be in uniform on a daily basis. Administration may designate non-uniform days such as themed dress-up days or Spirit Wear days. It is the responsibility of the students and their parents to ensure that the student adheres to the uniform expectations. The Administration will develop uniform guidelines that specify what items are appropriate for students at each stage.

Uniform Assistance. Faculty, staff, and administration will work to support students and families in meeting uniform expectations and minimize time away from class attending to uniform related needs.

K-12 Nova Uniform GuidelinesDownload
6-12 Uniform QuickviewDownload
Uniform Assistance Program InstructionsDownload
Donald's UniformLands' End

Nova Spirit Wear

Click below to visit our School Spirit Wear store.

Shop Nova Spirit Wear

School Supply Lists

Being ready to learn involves being physically and mentally prepared to take in new information and think deeply about ideas and perspectives being discussed. It also involves organizing one’s school supplies to be best prepared for each and every class and the work that is involved with learning and developing one’s understanding. 

Nova Classical Academy offers the EduKit program as a convenient option for busy families to order school supplies for the upcoming school year. EduKits include the supplies approved by your student’s teachers. Early Bird orders provide for FREE shipping and ensure your student’s orders in his/her classroom during Nova’s Open House. Extended ordering is available from June 11th 2022 – July 21st 2022 for a $12.95 additional fee and will be delivered to your home shortly before school begins. Your order also directly supports the initiatives and activities of the Nova PTO throughout the school year. Thank you for your support!

Students and families are also welcome to review the supply lists and purchase individual items as needed. Questions regarding specific supply items can be directed to the Lower or Upper School Office Managers.

K-5 Edukit Online Ordering Here

2022-2023 K-Grade 5 Supply ListsDownload
2022-2023 Grades 6-12 Supply ListsDownload

School Policies

Section 1 | Legal Authority for Policies, Establishment, & Implementation of Policies

NP-101 | Legal Authority of BoardDownload
NP-102 | DefinitionsDownload

Section 2 | Board of Directors, Recruitment, Meetings, Agenda, Committees, Training

NP 201 | Role and ResponsibilitiesDownload
NP 202 | Expectations and Obligations of Board MembersDownload
NP 203 | Board MeetingsDownload
NP 204 Election of Board MembersDownload
NP-205 | CommitteesDownload
NP-206 | Board Orientation, TrainingDownload
NP-208 | Development, Adoption, and Implementation of PoliciesDownload
NP-210 | Board of Director’s Member Conflict of InterestDownload

Section 3 | Applications, Admission, and Enrollment

NP 301 | Application and EnrollmentDownload
NP 302 | Early AdmissionDownload
NP 303 | Whole Grade AccelerationDownload
NP 304 | Gifted and Talented ServicesDownload
NP 305 | Section SizeDownload
NP 306 | Re-Enrollment Long-Term LeaveDownload
NP-306F | Long Term Leave Request FormDownload
NP-307 | Counting All StudentsDownload

Section 4 | School Administration

NP-402 | Reporting Unethical or Illegal ActivityDownload
NP-404 | Background ChecksDownload
NP-404F | Background Checks FormDownload
NP-405 | Anti-NepotismDownload

Section 5 | Curriculum

NP 500 | Personal Electronic Devices-Safe and Acceptable Technology UseDownload
NP 501 | Curriculum Download
NP 502 | Parental Curriculum Review Download
NP 502 | Parental Curriculum Opt-Out Form Download
NP 503 | Tele-Related-ServicesDownload

Section 6 | Student Life

NP-601 | Gender InclusionDownload

Section 7 | Finance & Budget

NP 701 Establishment of BudgetDownload
NP 702 Fund Balance RequirementsDownload
NP-703 | FundraisingDownload
NP-704 | Electronic Fund TransferDownload
NP-706 | Acceptance of GiftsDownload

Section 8 | Mandatory Policies

102 | Equal Educational OpportunityDownload
110 | Data RetentionDownload
214 | Out-Of-State TravelDownload
401 | Equal EmploymentDownload
402 | Disability NondiscriminationDownload
406 | Public and Private Personnel DataDownload
406F | Consent to Release – Request from an IndividualDownload
407 | Employee Right To Know – Hazardous SubstancesDownload
410 | Family and Medical LeaveDownload
412 | Expense ReimbursementDownload
413 | Violence and HarassmentDownload
414 | Mandated ReportingDownload
417 | Chemical Use and AbuseDownload
418 | Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free SchoolDownload
418F | Acknowledgment to Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free SchoolDownload
419 | Tobacco-Free EnvironmentDownload
427 | Workload LimitsDownload
501 | School WeaponsDownload
502 | Search of StudentDownload
504 | Student AppearanceDownload
505 | Speech and Distribution of MaterialsDownload
506 | Student DisciplineDownload
506F | Reporting Form—Student DisciplineDownload
514 | Bullying ProhibitionDownload
515 | Protection and Privacy of Student RecordsDownload
Public Notice Regarding Policy 515Download
515 FormDownload
516 | Student MedicationDownload
521 Student Disability NondiscriminationDownload
522 | Title IX PolicyDownload
522F | Reporting Form—Student Sex NondiscriminationDownload
524 | Internet Acceptable UseDownload
524F | Agreement form—Internet Acceptance Use and SafetyDownload
526 | Hazing ProhibitionDownload
531 | Pledge of AllegianceDownload
532 | Use of Peace OfficersDownload
533 | Wellness PolicyDownload
609 | ReligionDownload
614 | School District TestingDownload
707 | Health Insurance Transparency ActDownload
709 | Student TransportationDownload
709F | Student Transportation FormDownload
801 | Equal Access to School FacilitiesDownload
801F | Use of Facilities FormDownload
806 | Crisis ManagementDownload
807 | Health and SafetyDownload

Other Policies

Parent Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide TestingDownload
FERPA Notice-Nova Classical AcademyDownload