Ways to Donate to Nova


This Spring, we’ve partnered with Booster again to help raise our $60,000 goal to support rising field trip fees and Playworks recess coaching.

  • As a school, we are taking more school trips into the community to explore and experience together outside the classroom. The trips cost more. The buses cost more.  More Nova Classical students qualify for Educational Benefits.
  • Playworks recess coaching is a non-profit that works with our classroom and recess teachers to set up recess time that offers creative unstructured play with a focus on inclusivity, conflict resolution tools, and student leadership opportunities. Kindergarten through 4th grade students have two recesses each day which means that routines around the transition to and from recess are key to our learning environment. Our 5th-grade Junior Coaching program offers young leaders the opportunity to lead games and model virtuous behavior on the playground.

Families can start by registering their students on mybooster.com. Share the message from there! Every day, homerooms and SoL Houses earn prizes and privileges for moving us towards our goal. At the end of the week, on Friday 5/10, ALL K-8 students and teachers celebrate with a 30-35 lap Fun Run challenge for grades K-5 and an afternoon Color Run for Grades 6-8. How can you get involved?

Sponsor your student at mybooster.com.

Share the donation links!

Join the fun by volunteering to help at the Fun Runs or just come cheer! (Schedule and volunteer needs)

Donate Directly Online

Nova Classical Academy accepts donations using the PayPal platform. Click here to donate directly to Nova via Paypal.

Donate by Mail

To donate by mail, please send your check to:

Nova Classical Academy
c/o Business Office
1455 Victoria Way
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Corporate Matching

View the Corporate Matching List

Before you make a donation, please take a moment to see if your employer has a program for matching your gifts. The above list of local businesses and organizations generously support the community and offer corporate matching. A corporate match is a quick and easy way to double your contribution to Nova. A few minutes of investigation can go a long way in helping the school double its donations!

Nova Classical’s EIN is 26-0035570

Stock Donations

Nova is able to accept donations of stock.

For the forms, please email Nova’s Business Office.

Support Nova Classical Academy during Give to the Max Day!

Early giving begins November 1st. Give to the Max is a statewide outpouring of support for thousands of nonprofits and schools across Minnesota! On Give to the Max Day, we’ll have extra fun with incentives, donation matches, community prizes, and more, so stay tuned to our social media for details.


Why Should I Support Nova?

Nova is a public charter school. As we do receive state funding ‘per-pupil funding’, it is significantly less than that of a traditional public school. Determined by state legislature, ‘per-pupil funding’ follows every MN child to the school of their choice. Both traditional and public charter schools receive the same ‘per-pupil funding’.

So what’s the difference? The big difference is levy dollars. 

Why Donate to Nova?

Nova isn’t a private school, why does it ask for money? Nova is a public school that thankfully, provides our kids with an exceptional private-school caliber education. But, as a charter school, Nova has a disadvantage compared to traditional schools. While we both receive state funding, traditional public schools are able to supplement state funding with levy dollars. Nova cannot do this.

How does the lack of school Levy dollars impact Nova?

Unlike traditional public schools, Nova (and other charter schools) do not receive any funds from local, voter-approved levy dollars. Property tax levies make a huge impact on school funding. In St. Paul, Nova receives $6,900 (38%) less in funding per student!

Your Generosity Brought…

Chromebooks and updated computer labs, Science equipment, Rain gardens, the Nova Athletic Field, choral risers, guest speakers, need-based field trip scholarships, Exhibition Hall, Playworks program, improved outdoor equipment, friendship bench, facility upgrades, classroom enhancements, reduced fees for athletics/activities (need-based), better onsite communication for emergency service workers, updated signage for our building that aids with visual security, and more!

How Can I Support My Child’s Classical Education?

This is a great question! To narrow the resource gap, Nova depends on fundraising. Our primary source of donations is from our community! This is not unusual for charter schools.