Nova Classical Academy COVID-19 Reporting Process & Protocols

Nova Classical Academy 

COVID-19 Reporting Process & Protocols ( updated 7-20-2020 )

Procedure for when a student or coach test positive for COVID-19 

COVID-19 Sports Guidance for Youth and Adults suggests organizations to develop a reporting process. In that process, if a case of COVID-19 is reported, and is a part of your organization or team, report the case to the Minnesota Department of Health at 

Please review these guidelines for MDH: 

  1. Nova Classical Academy sports reporting process if someone tests positive with COVID-19: Notify the lead administrator (Activities Director) who will then inform the District Health Coordinator.

  2. The Activities Director will notify the District Health Coordinator who will notify MDH: of the names of all positive cases along with the sport.

  3. Any student (and their household) who test positive will be quarantined for 14 days.

  4. The coach will notify families that there is a positive case. The coach will send communication to families (work with administration for template). The pod that the student participated in may be shut down for 14 days if exposed by close contact. Note: MDH defines close contact with others is within 6 feet for greater than 15 continuous minutes. 

Exceptions to shutting down a pod: 

■ If the pod has maintained social distance at all practices 

■ exposure unrelated to practice and the student was not at practices after exposure 

■ Exposure was < 15 continuous minutes at a practice/competition 

The lead administrator, District Health Coordinator, and coach will collaborate if multiple outbreaks occur within a period of time that may lead to quarantine, postponement, or cancellation of practices/competitions. These decisions will be based on

a. Was the pod intermixed at any time?

b. Was social distancing followed at all times?

c. Were masks worn?

d. What was the length of exposure?

e. Was practice outside vs. inside?

f. Does extra cleaning need to be done that would need a short closure? 


  1. What if a brother or sister has tested positive for COVID-19 — how long would the family be quarantined?

As of now, it’s being recommended that a 14-day quarantine would need to be implemented if a family member tested positive in the same household…even if the student-athlete tested negative. 

  1. Can we ask families to sign a waiver for two situations: 

  2. That warms them of the risk to play sports with COVID19. 

■ NCA is looking into this option. b. What if they test positive they waive the privacy so we can help track the source to help prevent any further spread and allow others to continue to compete. Maybe we get 90% that are willing to help us?

■ NCA is looking into this option. 

  1. What do we share with all families? 

  2. Work with AD on the template(s) for communication. 

  3. Return to sport approval from a physician? 

  4. At this time return to play is approved after being isolated for 14 days. Possible note needed from a physician in the future. We will follow the lead of MDH, MDE, and MSHSL.