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Spring 10 Days/10 Ways is coming soon!

Why Should I Support Nova?

Nova is a public charter school. As we do receive state funding ‘per-pupil funding’, it is significantly less than that of a public school. Determined by state legislature, ‘per-pupil funding’ follows every MN child to the school of their choice. Both traditional and public charter schools receive the same ‘per-pupil funding’.

So what’s the difference? The big difference is levy dollars. 

Why Donate to Nova?

Nova isn’t a private school, why does it ask for money? Nova is a public school which thankfully, provides our kids an exceptional private-school caliber education. But, as a charter school, Nova has a disadvantage compared to traditional schools. While we both receive state funding, traditional public schools are able to supplement state funding with levy dollars. Nova cannot do this.

How does the lack of school Levy dollars impact Nova?

Unlike traditional public schools, Nova (and other charter schools) do not receive any funds from local, voter approved levy dollars. Property tax levies make a huge impact on school funding. In St. Paul, Nova (and other charter schools) receive $3,500 less in funding per student. That’s $3.5 million less than if Nova was a traditional public school per year!

Your Generosity Brought…

Chromebooks and updated computer labs, Science equipment, Rain gardens, the Nova Athletic Field, choral risers, guest speakers, need-based field trip scholarships, Exhibition Hall, Playworks program, improved outdoor equipment, friendship bench, facility upgrades, classroom enhancements, reduced fees for athletics/activities (need-based), better onsite communication for emergency service workers, updated signage for our building that aids with visual security, and more!

How Can I Support My Child’s Classical Education?

This is a great question! To narrow the resource gap, Nova depends on fundraising with our 10 Days, 10 Ways every campaign every fall and spring. Our primary source of donations is from our community! This is not unusual for charter schools.

We ask our families to engage in our 10 Days, 10 Ways campaign with donations, participation, and volunteerism. All virtuous deeds!




“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” —William Arthur Ward

During Nova’s 10 Days, 10 Ways campaign, we encourage YOU to donate and participate in our spring events! We look forward to seeing you there!

This spring, Nova is highlighting many exciting events during the 10 Days, 10 Ways campaign. Please watch Nova News for highlights and updates. 

Save the Date:

Give to the Max Day 2020

Thursday, November 19

In 2019, during our 10 Days, 10 Ways fall campaign, our community raised $35,663 on Give to the Max Day!

Give to the Max! – click to visit site

In spring 2019, during our 10 Days, 10 Ways spring campaign, Nova raised $35,000 participating in the Nova Fun Run!

Save the Date! May 7, 2021!

Nova Classical Academy

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Corporate Matching List

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Before you make a donation, please take a moment to see if your employer has a program for matching your gifts.The above list of local businesses and organizations generously support the community and offer corporate matching. A corporate match is a quick and easy way to double your contribution to Nova. A few minutes of investigation can go a long way in helping the school double its donations!

Nova is able to accept donations of stock.

For the forms, please contact Nova’s Business Office.

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