Nova’s History

Nova Classical Academy began as a small group of parents who felt that public school students should have access to the same quality of education as many private school students. We wanted a school that was academically rigorous, that valued scholarship and individual excellence as well as self-discipline and virtue, that taught students to think and reason from a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, that allowed all students to study at an appropriate pace, and where parents, staff, and students all shared a unity of purpose.

We looked into a number of different curriculum models. When we discovered the classical model of education, it struck a deep chord, and we knew without a doubt that it was not only what we wanted for our children, but it was also the education we wish that we had received.

Our Core Beliefs

Over time, Nova has constructed documents which explain the core beliefs around how we educate students and how we wish to live as a community. We invite you to peruse them below:

Our Future

Nova Classical Academy has a K–12 charter. We opened in St. Paul in the fall of 2003 with grades K–6 and we have added grades yearly toward our goal of providing a complete K–12 education, beginning with our first ninth-grade class in the autumn of 2009. We graduated our first class of seniors in the Spring of 2013. In addition, after renting spaces for nine years, we were very excited to be in our new building in Victoria Park which houses our full K–12 programs. We believe strongly that an effective education must be systematic, comprehensive, and must have continuity from year to year. We provide many volunteer opportunities for parents to contribute to the success of the school.

About Charter Schools

Charter schools are tuition-free, public schools started and operated by teachers, parents, or community members. Your taxes pay for charter schools just as they pay for traditional public schools. Charters are part of the state system of public education but operate independently of the school district in which they are located.

Charter schools must agree to be held accountable for specific academic and non-academic outcomes. They must have an authorizer to oversee the school’s accountability efforts. Nova Classical Academy’s Authorizer is Friends of Education.

For more information on charter schools, visit the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools websites.