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Hubbell, Jeremy

Dr. Jeremy Hubbell

History Teacher

Ext. 215

Educational History
B.A. in English and Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature from U of M

M.Litt. from University of Aberdeen, UK

Ph.D. in History from University of Stony Brook, NY

Why I Choose to Work at Nova
I was not schooled in classical pedagogy per se (though I did study Latin – a LONG time ago) but many of my teachers were. One of them had me read a collection of Cicero's works at the start of my boarding school days. The idea of “The Good Life” has been with me ever since. That is, the pursuit of Summum Bonum, or the highest good, through study and reflection for your self and others. So when I found an opening at Nova, I knew I had to work here. And so it came to be.

I am drawn to the investigation of ruins, ancient sites, monuments, mounds, and tombs. I have also been a practitioner of the Inner Martial Arts (Tai Chi Chuan) for nearly twenty years.