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Belter, Jason

Jason Belter


Ext./Room: 451 / 311

Educational History

B.S. Biochemistry, UW Madison 2001
MN Professional Licensure Biology and Chemistry, Hamline University 2010

Why I Choose to Work at Nova

At Nova learning is more than just work done by the students, it is a passion. This zeal for learning carries over into the faculty and staff as well.


Baseball, Football, and RPGs

Favorite Author/Thinker/Historical Figure

Carl Sagan: He is most well known for the PBS miniseries Cosmos, which with only modest updates has remained a masterpiece of science communication after almost 30 years. His most admirable qualities though have to do with his continual appeal to the best of our human natures. Like almost every great thinker his knowledge was not restricted to just a single subject. He was a strong public policy advocate on space science, environmental science, and humanitarian issues.

Favorite Books

I highly recommend Nonsense on Stilts: How to Tell Science from BunkThe Structure of Evolutionary Theory, and Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman.

Favorite Work of Art

Images from the Hubble Telescope