Spring Into Action

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The Need    The Challenge     The Ask 

The Need:
In 2017, Nova embarked on an exciting project to replace the existing drainage ditch in the front of the building with an environmentally-friendly rain garden.

Our Nova scholars have named this area “Lake Nova”. In reality, not only is this space unattractive but it is also a problem for playground monitors and staff. Now, we have an opportunity to make this space useful.

A rain garden has impact. It’s an opportunity to improve the appearance of our school and help our younger students stay clean during recess. Rain gardens also benefit the community. They divert polluted storm run-off from our rivers, reduce mosquito breeding, and create a habitat for birds and butterflies.

It is our goal to build the rain garden in parallel with the on-going planning of the project to improve our green space with better recess areas and practice fields (final field proposals and costs are coming in May.) Please consider helping us with financial donations, time donations, or both.

The Challenge:
The project will occur in two phases. Over the summer, the existing soil in and around the ditch would be replaced by materials that improve water drainage. In September, when planting is best, we hope Nova volunteers will assist in the planting. The project is estimated to cost $25,000 to $35,000. So far, we have raised $16,000!

The Ask:
As a charter school, we can’t raise money through a tax levy like traditional school districts. Asking parents and the community to pitch in is the only way to secure all of the classroom, building, and outdoor space needs for our students and school.

Our goal is to have 100% participation of the Nova community! We can make this happen through financial donations, time donations, or both!


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Why support the improvement of Nova’s outdoor spaces:
The reasons any many. A rain garden will create beauty for our families to enjoy every day. It will help support a healthy planet. A rain garden will create opportunity for experiential learning. Volunteers of any age can help it thrive. Like our scholars, Nova will be beautiful inside and out.

About Spring Into Action:
Spring Into Action, formally Sweeten, is a parent-led fundraiser held every April. Since 2012, this event has raised more than $66,000 for Nova and it’s students.


Kids observe experiment with water during a field trip to a local farm.

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2017 Spring Into Action Fundraising Committee:
Dan Greenfield (Co-Chair) Karen Groppel (Co-Chair) Julie Christensen, Liza Halverson Chris Rovn Kate Tetmeyer, Michael Waldman

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