Family Life

Nova Classical Academy’s mission speaks to the school’s commitment to be a nurturing community that maintains a small-school environment. Despite having grown to a full K–12 school with more than 800 students, Nova has been fortunate to keep a small-school feel since opening its doors in 2003 to 166 students. This is due in large measure to the outstanding involvement Nova’s parents, grandparents, and larger community in the day-to-day activities of the school, as well as in planning and coordinating larger community building fundraisers and events.

From monthly Friday morning parent coffees sponsored by Nova’s PTO; to parents helping cover books for classrooms; to grandparents serving on Nova’s Board of Directors; to a multitude of fun gatherings of teachers, staff, students, and parents on evenings and weekends under the umbrella of our successful Great Gatherings fundraising program, Nova’s community continues to step up and come together to build the exceptional school and family called Nova Classical Academy.

Nova’s unique partnership with its parents is guided by the Pillars of Parent Partnership document which the Nova Board recognized in 2014. This document helps to explain the ways in which the school and familes can support one another to help children to learn.