Chromebooks & Sound System by the Numbers

Answers to an Important Donor Question: How Much to Give: Chromebooks and Sound System – By the Numbers

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Give to the Max Nov. 16!

We know people wonder how much to give when they log onto the Give to the Max website. The right answer is different each year for each family or individual, but we know information can help families make this important decision. All gifts are valued by the school. Nova wouldn’t be the same without your support. Here’s what we know:

  • Every board member is planning to participate in Give to the Max this year, and we hope that all families with the means to give this year will join the board in supporting Nova with a financial gift of any size.
  • Our first goal is to purchase 90 Chromebooks for a total estimated cost of $18,000.
  • Once our Chromebook goal is met, dollars will contribute to the purchase of a $50,000 sound system for Nova’s highly-regarded drama program, which offers rich experiences to our entire Nova community and elevates the reputation of our school.
  • A single Chromebook costs roughly $200.
  • A gift of $20 purchases one-tenth of a Chromebook. That is a great help.
  • A gift of $50 purchases a quarter of a Chromebook. That is significant.
  • If every family donated $50 per enrolled student in their family, we would raise close to $50,000.
  • Historically, we know that many families choose to give even more than $50.
  • A gift of $200 can purchase an entire Chromebook!
  • A gift of $500 can purchase two and a half Chromebooks!
  • A gift of $1,000 can purchase five Chromebooks! And any $1,000 gift will receive recognition for that family on the donor wall.
  • The sooner we reach our goal of purchasing 90 Chromebooks costing $18,000, the sooner more children can get through mandated testing faster and get back to classical-style learning sooner – and all this can happen this year!
  • The sooner we achieve our first goal of purchasing 90 Chromebooks, the sooner we can move on to our next goal to purchase the sound system for Nova’s drama program, which will cost $50,000, and benefit the entire school.
  • Your gift makes a difference! Be part of what’s next!

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