Bus Transportation

For bus issues outside of school hours, contact Monarch Transportation directly at (612) 238-8080.

Nova provides free bus transportation to all students living within the city of St. Paul, more than two miles from Nova. Additionally, we provide bus transportation to students living within two miles of the school at a cost of $200/family for the year. Student bus information automatically rolls forward to the next year and the bus company sends postcards to families in mid-August with bus stop information for that school year. Email us if you need changes made to your bus transportation (new rider, no longer riding, move to a new address, etc.).

Silent Dismissal (Grades K-5)

In an effort to streamline our dismissal process as well as increase safety, we use a program called Silent Dismissal for our end of day dismissal procedure. Click the following links for more information:

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Parking and traffic around Nova can be tricky, particularly at morning drop off and afternoon pick up. For the safety of our students and everyone in the Nova community, please follow the rules of all posted street signs and directions from staff if you are asked to move.

Nova Parking and Driving Map

For the safety of all families, please follow these rules:

  • Pay attention to posted parking signs and do not park in illegal areas. Illegal areas include the bus loading zone, passenger loading zones, driveway entrances to the Nova parking lot, within 20 feet of a crosswalk (marked and unmarked) and any area that indicates no parking. Choose a different space if you’re unsure if you are parked legally.

  • Passenger loading zones are ONLY for quick drop off and pick up. Parking in these areas is prohibited. The driver should remain in the vehicle at all times in the passenger loading zones. If your child(ren) can’t get in and out of the car quickly, please find a place to park instead of using the passenger loading zones.

  • Drop off and pick up for students whose last name begins with the letters A – K is on the Mercer St. (back) side of the building. Drop off and pick up for students whose last name begins with the letters L – Z is on the Victoria Way (front) side of the building. Kindergarten ONLY drop off is done, in person, via the main entrance and pick up via the Kindergarten entrance on the Victoria Way side of the building.

  • Follow the direction of staff members, crossing guards, etc. When crossing the street, use the designated crosswalk on the south side of the building and the unmarked crosswalk on the north side of the building (we are working on getting this painted). Do not cross between buses or parked vehicles. As adults, we are role models for our young scholars and want to make sure they are crossing streets safely by our example.

  • Do not make a U-turn on any of the streets adjacent to Nova. Please drive around the block instead.

  • Do not use your cell phone or any other device that may distract you while driving.

Following these directives will provide for a more efficient drop off/pick up process and ensure our students’ safety as well as that of the larger community. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Parking and Student Loading Guidelines