Returning Student Enrollment

2019-20 RETURNING Student Enrollment

If you intend for your student(s) to RETURN to Nova this coming fall, please follow the directions included below

Please be advised, that in addition to our standard re-enrollment information request, Nova will be collecting more detailed demographic information on all of our students due to recent changes to Minnesota state law. The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) will be disaggregating each student’s demographic category into detailed groups to further represent our student population and is, therefore, requiring all schools to provide this additional data. Please take note of the updated directions below.

By way of reminder, this process is for EXISTING, RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY. The enrollment forms for students new to Nova should be completed via the process outlined in the e-mail forwarded to you at the time of the new student(s)’ acceptance.

Please complete & submit all Re-enrollment Information NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, JUNE 7.

1. Click here to login to Infinite Campus. If you do not recall your username or password, please use the “FORGOT USERNAME/PASSWORD” LINKS to have either retrieved or reset.

2. Once logged in, click “2019-’20” ENROLLMENT FORMS” in the bottom left corner of the screen to begin.

3. Review the instructions on the opening page.
4. Once you begin the Infinite Campus re-enrollment process, you should:

a. Review all contact information and update where necessary.
b. Review, edit and/or add emergency contact information.
c. Update health information for each of your students.

5. Return to the Parent Portal Homepage, then click “Try the new Campus Parent” in the upper right corner of the screen (see detailed instructions attached, if needed):

a. Click “More” from the bottom of the menu on the left.
b. Click “Demographics”
c. Click “Update”
d. Select appropriate “Subcategory(ies)” from the relevant drop-down menu(s).

While parents/guardians are required to provide the disaggregated information for their children, if you choose not to answer the questions, federal law requires Nova to choose for you. This is the last resort as we prefer parents/guardians to provide the information themselves. This information helps improve teaching and learning for every student and helps us accurately identify and advocate for students currently underserved. The information this form collects is considered private and confidential. You may review MDE’s privacy notice to learn more about the purpose of collecting this information, how it will be used and not used, and how the detailed groups were identified.

The privacy notice may be found on the Frequently Asked Questions: Ethnic and Racial Designation document found on the MDE’s website.

Physician’s Form – 7th Grade

Students not Returning for 2019-20

While it is our hope that students and families will have an exceptional learning experience at Nova and choose to stay through their senior year, we know that is not always the case. If your child/ren will NOT be returning to Nova for the 2019-20 school year,  please contact our office and submit a formal withdrawal.

Thank you for your prompt response to this re-enrollment request and please contact our office with any questions or concerns.

Lower School Office                              Upper School Office
Mel Hernandez                                       Barb Heitzig


Bus/Transportation Needs

If you have any changes regarding your transportation and end of day dismissal, please visit the TRANSPORTATION page.

Email us if you need changes made to your bus transportation (new rider, no longer riding, move to a new address, etc.).