Give to the Max

Give to the Max

Save the Date! Give to the Max Nov. 15, 2018! Visit Nova’s page here.

“It’s like belonging to a family of intellectuals. It seems more like a family than class.”

{Nova Student}

Get students through testing faster.

We are talking about saving several weeks – not just a few days. We all want our kids to spend more time learning without extra stress and distraction. Chromebooks will solve the problem. How? Give to the Max Nov. 16.

“One computer lab with 40 desktop computers is not adequate to efficiently facilitate assessment of the online testing requirements of the state and our charter authorizer. Last year Nova’s standardized assessments began in March before spring break and were not complete until the end of May. The addition of ChromeBook carts will greatly increase the efficiency of the standardized testing calendar.” – Mari Bergerson and Brooke Tousignant, Upper and Lower School Principals

“ChromeBook carts will support our reading initiative by allowing students to take online STAR reading assessments in order to monitor their reading comprehension and growth. By taking these assessments in the classroom and avoiding the transition to the computer lab, valuable instructional time is protected.” – Brooke Tousignant, Lower School Principal

“Purchasing Chromebooks will allow students to complete MCA and ACT Aspire testing in a much shorter time frame than in previous years. We will reduce MCA testing from 7 weeks down to 3 days so we can maximize instructional time and minimize disruptions to the regular school day during the busiest time of the school year. Additionally, all of our students can test at the end of April, giving them more time in the classroom to learn before taking the tests – we won’t be forced to test beginning in mid-March due to our limited technology as we had been in the past.” – Angela Whited, Technology, Assessment, and Transportation Manager

Make Shakespeare louder

  • Nova’s drama program contributes not only to the Nova experience for our students and families but to Nova’s reputation. A new sound system will help audiences hear our Nova thespians sing, whisper and shout. How? Give to the Max Nov. 16.

“Nova’s drama department has grown tremendously in the last several years, and a good sound system is essential to increasing the quality of their productions.” – Mari Bergerson, Upper School Principal

“I am looking forward to listening and watching great performances from the students with the purchase of this new sound equipment.  It should really help Nova’s drama program put on the best possible performances for our community and neighbors.” – Chris Rovn, Athletic Director

“The benefits of having good sound cannot be overstated. Even in the gym, I could hear everything that was said…. I loved the sense of fun that permeated the whole show…. The fact that our students can confront Shakespeare plays, work with them, and achieve a level of significant competence in staging the plays, will give them keys to unlock other difficult texts and tasks throughout their lives.” – Jeff Magnuson, parent and audience member during a performance using rented sound equipment that your Give to the Max gift can help the school purchase.

“Watching a high-quality production and the students’ mastery of Shakespeare, comedy, and acting was a joy. As a longtime fan of Nova theater productions, the ability to clearly hear the actors was a treat. I know some older relatives with hearing issues particularly appreciated it. It made the production much more accessible to them.” – Colleen Kelly, parent and audience member during a performance using rented sound equipment that your Give to the Max gift can help the school purchase.

“’Twelfth Night’ was an exceptional production, surpassing anything I’d expect from a high school theater program. The acting was amazing…. How wonderful that we audience members could hear nearly every word…” – Chris Roberts, parent and audience member during a performance using rented sound equipment that your Give to the Max gift can help the school purchase

Give to the Max – Nov. 16

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