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Lunch FAQ

Do you have just one meal selection for students?

K-5 students may choose from three meals daily: hot entrée with salad bar and milk, sandwich with salad bar and milk, or a vegetarian protein option with salad bar and milk.
6-12 students may choose the regular hot meal option with salad bar and milk or they may opt for our a la carte meal service.
A la carte meal service is only available for students in grades 6-12.

Who provides the food for the lunches?

We use CKC Good Food to serve our meals.

Can meals be purchased “day of”?

All meals are selected “day of.” We do not require meals or milk be ordered in advance.

Who can purchase a la carte items?

Only staff and students in grades 6-12 may purchase a la carte items.

What meal service do you offer?

Nova offers breakfast, lunch and after school snack services each day.

Do you accept cash payment for meals?

Unfortunately, Nova does not accept cash payment. All lunch accounts must have money deposited in them to purchase items. (It is much safer for students to not bring cash with them to school.) When your child’s balance is at or below $10.00, you will receive an email alert. Meal accounts are not permitted to go to a negative balance.