Tours and Shadow Days

Kindergarten Tour with class visit (for families with offers)

Tuesdays and Thursdays March-May Click here to schedule.

Lower School Tours K-5th 

Tuesdays 9.00-10.00am  September-February Click here to schedule.

Upper School Tours 6-12th 

Thursdays 9.00-10.00am   September-February Click here to schedule.

Shadow Days 9-12th (students with offers or high on waitlist)

Wednesdays, 8.30am-3.30pm March-May Click here to schedule.

Kindergarten Tours with classroom visit
Begin March
Kindergarten tours are offered to parents of Kindergarten students that receive offers of enrollment and those interested in enrollment beginning in mid-February. Tours are led by a Nova staff member or parent volunteer and provide an overview of education at Nova Classical Academy. Kindergarten Tours for those that have received an offer of enrollment include a 15-minute classroom observation. A Kindergarten Roundup for all new Kindergarteners and their parents will take place on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, from 5-6 pm.
• Click here to schedule a general Kindergarten Tour.

Lower School Tours (K–5th)
This is a general tour for any family who has received an offer or is interested in applying to Nova. These tours are limited to 8 people. Please allow space for multiple families and consider having one member per family to attend.  The tours will be guided by a Nova staff member or parent.

Upper School Tours (6–12th)
High School Tours are offered to parents prospective students applying for grades 6–12th for the 2018-19 school year from September through May. Parent tours are guided by a Nova staff member or parent.
Click here to schedule an Upper School Tour. 

Shadow Days
Shadow Days are offered for 6-12th-grade students that have received offers of enrollment February through the end of May. We also provide shadow opportunities for interested students entering the 6th and 9th grade. When shadowing, students are hosted by a current Nova student for half of the school day to experience the classroom and life at Nova firsthand.
Click here to schedule a Shadow Day.

If you have enrollment questions, please call 651.209.6320 or email For directions to Nova, please click here.