Nova Shadow Host Application

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a host for Shadow students for the 2017-18 school year.

Shadow Days will be on Wednesdays. Nova student hosts meet their shadow students in the Main Office at 8.30 am and bring them back to the office at 3.30 pm (Don’t worry if your bus often runs late and you arrive after 8.30 am; we’ll have you covered!). If you have a test, please have your shadow student come to the 2nd floor office. You can pick them up after the test. Ask your teachers if you need extra time. 

We’d like you to answer several questions about yourself before assigning you a shadow student. There are no wrong answers, and being involved in certain activities will not make you more or less qualified to be a shadow host! Our main reason for asking these questions is to help make sure you and the student you host have interests in common and have a very good chance of getting along well—and perhaps even becoming friends!

Thank you for applying,
Ms. Guertin

Locker Number
Please tell us why you would like to host students that would like to come to Nova.
Please tell us three things you value about Nova that you think prospective students should know.
Please describe an experience you had that first made you feel welcome at Nova.
Favorite Subject:
Nova Extracurricular Activities
(This will help us place each student guest with a host that shares common interests.)
Art Club Band Chess Club Current Events Club

Dance Aerobics



Fencing Team

Film Club

First Tech Challenge


Magic the Gathering Club

Model Assembly

Mock Trial

Model UN

Society for Environmentally Aware





Nova/Co-op Athletics Basketball Baseball Cross Country Hockey Soccer Softball



Additional Nova Participation
(This will help us place each student guest with a host that shares common interests.)
National Honor Society Peer Tutoring Teacher Assistant None
Hobbies and interests outside of Nova:
I consider myself to be…
(All of these are great! We ask in order to help place Shadow students with hosts they will relate to well.)
More Shy More Outgoing A little of Both
Would you like to host a student just once or as many times as possible?
Is there anything else you would like us to know as we consider selecting Shadow hosts for the 2017-18 school year?