October Board Chair Report

October Board Chair Report


2017-2018 Board Goals

1. Develop succession plan for Nova leadership

2. Facilities assessment

3. Hire permanent Executive Director

4. Complete all employee compensation study

5. Communication plan for communicating successes at Nova. This can be regarding work on towards our strategic vision and priorities, good work done by teachers/staff or students, strong community volunteer effort…etc.


Updates on goals

  • We will be discussing succession planning at our December board retreat.
  • Mr. Gutierrez will be working to begin the facilities study once the HR manager is hired.
  • Permanent ED hiring – proposal for plan and timing will be discussed during the business section of our meeting today
  • Compensation study – need HR manager hired first
  • Communication plan on successes – will be discussed at our December board retreat



December Board Retreat – Saturday Dec.9th

  • Succession planning discussion – facilitated by Mr. Gutierrez
  • Strategic communication issues – facilitated by Rick Kaufman, the consultant from Bloomington School District

o   1 – crisis management communication plan (death of student, parent, teacher, other serious issues).  We need to avoid getting too operational here, but even just identifying what it is we want to have put into place.

o   2 – internal “issue” communication – it seems that every few years a new issue arises within the school that becomes a large issue within the school community.  I would like to have a generic plan ready on do’s and don’t’s, how to possibly see the storm brewing and take action to avert it from becoming a large issue. Maybe even get some advice on approach etc. during those times.  Additionally, how to communicate our strategic successes and strengths to our community.

o   3 – change management communication plan – we will spend part of our day discussing succession planning at various levels of leadership.  I would like to have a conversation about what steps in communication we as a board should be proactively planning to have our leadership transitions, at any level, go well for our staff and families.