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Nova Classical Academy’s overall fundraising drive is called the Building Excellence campaign. This annual fundraising campaign focuses on Nova’s ongoing pursuit of excellence in all areas.

Why Donate to Nova?

New and returning families may wonder “why does Nova ask families to contribute to the school, not only in time as volunteers, but also financially? This isn’t a private school, it’s a public school, and we get public funds, right?” True. Nova is a public school which provides an exceptional private-school caliber education to our children. However, unlike traditional public schools, charter schools like Nova are at a financial disadvantage. We cannot raise needed funds through local tax levies the way traditional public school districts do. This means Nova receives approximately $3,500* less per student each school year than local public schools. (*See April 2015 article and March 2015 analysis on St. Paul public v. charter funding.)

In order to provide the additional resources our teachers and students need to provide its high quality education, Nova seeks additional funds through grants and fundraising. Unlike most schools, Nova has explicit rules preventing us from encumbering our children with the burden of fundraising. We want them to learn arithmetic and public speaking for life, not so they can count out change as they go door-to-door selling candy and wrapping paper (which is exactly how many other schools fundraise). Every donation our families make to Nova, goes directly to supporting our children’s education. The greater the percentage of families who contribute, the easier it is to convince foundations to also give us grants.

As a K-12 school, Nova is committed to educating our children for 13 of the most formative years of their lives—the school is truly making an investment in our children as lifelong learners. As parents,  we make a similar investment in their education every day when we sit next to them during homework time, when we encourage their hard work, and volunteer at the school. Making a financial contribution to the school is making an investment in our students that will bear fruits over the course of a lifetime.

Where Do Donations Go?

Your donations fund a lot of the extra things our students and teacher rely on to make their educational experience complete: from purchasing choral risers to putting computers in the Computer Lab; from providing more microscopes for science classes to procuring equipment needed to offer excellent extracurricular and athletic programs. (Families who contribute $1,000 or more in a school year are recognized, if desired, by adding their names on a brick on our Donor Wall in the Great Room.

Some parents choose to help finance the Nova PTO, which uses its money for school events and teacher appreciation, through participation in Great Gatherings, the annual Barnes and Noble Bookfair, ink cartridge recycling, SpiritWear sales, Scrip, and similar programs. These fundraisers help enhance the quality of community life for Nova, and funds raised in excess of Nova PTO budgetary needs are donated to Nova to help cover training and materials, but they are not primarily used for essential educational expenses.

  • Please let us know if your employer will match your donation.
  • Donations to Nova are tax-deductible.

“When I found out that my daughter and her husband were so pleased with what Nova was doing for one of their children that they decided to enroll the other two, I was confident that those children were getting a good, solid education. As a grandfather, that’s important to me.” Bill Kansas, Grandparent

Development Committee

Nova’s Development Committee is comprised of Board members, administrators, and parents devoted to bringing a vibrant presence to support of Nova. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact our Dan Greenfield. Meetings are open to the public and are typically held the third Saturday of each month from 8.30am to 10.00am on Nova’s Mezzanine. All are welcome to attend; please consider joining us!


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