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College Counseling Update 1.26.17

Financial Aid Presentation – 9/22/16

College Planning Presentation: Grades 9-12

Financial Aid Fact Sheet

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2. SAT II tests
Look at the schools that you are thinking of applying to and make a note of whether they require an SAT II subject test. You can find this information on their websites. For information regarding how to sign up please go to:

3. College Visits
Visit colleges when you get a chance. Even if it isn’t a school you want to go to, it is still helpful to see what you like and don’t like about a campus.

4. College Representatives at Nova
In the fall we will have several college representatives that will visit our school. Be sure to look at the college portion of our website so that you don’t miss any.  Every contact that you make with a college rep or visit to a school is recorded and shows your interest. Keep this in mind for your summer college visits.

5. Common Application is Open!
Applications for the Common Application are open.

6. U of M Priority Date
The University of Minnesota has changed their priority date to November 1 rather than December 15. Students should apply as soon as the window opens (usually September or October), as it is an easy application.

7. Volunteer Hours
All students must have 80 volunteer hours to graduate, so make sure that you are recording your hours. The volunteer form is on the college portion of the website.

8. Teacher Recommendation Letters
Students must give their teachers a form to have them write a recommendation letter for them.  Students will need a resume attached to this form to make it easier for teachers to write a letter for them. Students worked on resumes through the Naviance program during class.

Insights on the College Application Process from College Inside Track:

Surprise! Some scholarships can actually cost you financial aid – Money magazine explains the unfortunate (and very real) phenomenon of “scholarship award displacement” Take 2 min. To read about it so it doesn’t catch your family off guard.

 New FAFSA rules help grandparents contribute – With future FAFSA forms now using tax returns from two years prior, that adds another year that family members can help pay for college without it negatively affecting financial aid eligibility. Learn more about this important change from the folks at Vanguard.

 8 reasons to do an overnight visit – About education gives a number of good reasons why if you are choosing between multiple colleges, doing an overnight visit is one of the best ways to get a deeper look to help with your final decision. My favorites: you’ll meet students who don’t work for the admission office and you’ll see what campus is like on a weeknight.

Be careful with private loans – While needing to borrow beyond what is available from federal loans is a reality for many families, a federal study provides an important reminder that families need to be fully aware of what they are signing up for. For example, 90 percent of borrowers who tried to transfer full responsibility for the loan to their kid were denied. This is a must-read for anyone considering private loans.

College Information Presentations

This page contains video presentations from a Parent Education Night in Spring 2015. The first is a college info presentation and the second is a financial aid presentation by a financial aid representative.

College Testing Dates

This page will provide you with a calendar of what testing happens throughout the year and for which grades.  For in-depth information about each test go to the College Testing link on the left.

Graduation Requirements 

School of Rhetoric students are required to graduate with 24 credits.  This page will give you information on subject requirements and a course registration guide.


Did you know part of the graduation requirement is volunteering in the local community?  This page will provide more details on what is required, how to submit volunteer hours, and give students ideas on where they can volunteer.


Head to the Resources page for information that is important to all grade levels.

Did you miss the fall and spring college application overview presentation?  Catch It Here!

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