Nova Classical Academy is a K–12, public charter (tuition-free) school that offers a rigorous academic virtue education program in the classical tradition. Our curriculum is strongly language-centered, with students receiving daily instruction in history, grammar, math, science, writing, and language. Students also receive regular instruction in physical education, music, and art.

Nova has designed its own rigorous curriculum patterned after classical education studies. History is studied in chronological order in four-year cycles and repeated in the Schools of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Math instruction uses Singapore Math and grammar instruction uses GrammarWorks in the Lower School and college-preparatory curriculum in the Upper School. Nova follows its own writing program and has developed its own curricula for teaching logic and rhetoric to students. Oratory School and Latin instruction begin in the School of Grammar in Kindergarten; classes in formal logic begin in the School of Logic; and classical and modern rhetoric are taught in the School of Rhetoric.