Faculty and Staff

We are pleased to present the faculty and staff of Nova Classical Academy. We are fortunate to have secured such an outstanding group of professional educators, each master of his/her craft and everyone dedicated to bringing the best classical education to students.

Leadership Team | Program Support Lower School | Upper School | Student Services Educational Assistants

Leadership Team

Mr. Jon Gutierrez—Executive Director
Ms. Mari Bergerson—Upper School Principal
Ms. Kriscel Estrella-Human Resources Manager
Ms. Melissa Guertin—Enrollment & Communications Manager
Mr. John Larson—Director of Student Services
Ms. Brooke Tousignant—Lower School Principal
Mr. Christian Rovn—Athletic Director
Ms. Angela Whited—Technology, Assessment & Transportation Manager

Program Support

Ms. Mary Corrigan—In-House Substitute
Ms. Mel Hernández—Lower School Office Manager
Ms. Barb Heitzig—Upper School Office Manager
Ms. Kim Hyvarinen—Food Service Director
Ms. Kayla Johnson—Lower School Office Support
Ms. Meghan Kelly-Business Office Specialist
Ms. Lori Reinhardt-Scholar Zone Coordinator
Ms. Leah Rogers-HR Generalist, Administrative Assistant
Mr. Michael Pelofske—Dean of Students, Science Teacher
Mr. David Shuman-School Counselor
Ms. Margaret Speikers—Health Office Assistant
Ms. Roxy Tuma—Student Services Assistant

Lower School (School of Grammar)

Ms. Heather Albrecht-First Grade
Ms. Clare Byakweli-Fourth Grade | website
Ms. Marlo Corletto—Kindergarten
Ms. Genae Ewing-Fifth Grade
Ms. Claire Gilbert - Fourth Grade | website
Ms. Laura Heuett—Fifth Grade
Mr. Matt Kimble-Fifth Grade
Ms. Sara Knudsen—Kindergarten
Ms. Connie Knowles-Reading Teacher
Ms. Liz Krohn—First Grade
Ms. Maddie Larsen—First Grade
Mr. Chad Long—Third Grade
Ms. Becky Lund—Second Grade
Ms. Maria Marchand—Fourth Grade | website
Mr. Jonathan Martin—Physical Education
Ms. Kathleen McLarn—Fifth Grade
Ms. Jamie Nelson-Third Grade
Ms. Kelly O’Rourke—Reading
Ms. Heidi Reynolds—Latin
Ms. Jennifer Rogge—Kindergarten
Ms. Diane Jean-Yarusso Ruday—Math
Ms. Jo Shultz—Second Grade
Ms. Sarah Tanner—Third Grade
Ms. Traci Taylor—Second Grade
Ms. Katie Tuma—Art, K–5
Ms. Rebecca Urbrock—Music, K–5
Ms. Renae Williams—Music
Ms. Gina Zelinka—Kindergarten

Upper School (Schools of Logic and Rhetoric)

Ms. Jeanie Anderson—Music, 6–12
Mr. Jason Belter—Science
Dr. Luke Brekke—History
Ms. Nancy Broen—History and Logic
Ms. Sarah Brown-History and Language Arts
Dr. Don Burrows—Latin
Mr. Mark Conkle—Math
Mr. Cole Conlin—Spanish
Ms. Lauren Davidson-Science
Mr. Brandon Foat—History and Logic
Mr. Joshua Garvin—Latin
Mr. Duane Heidemann-Math
Ms. Nicole Hoiland—Art
Ms. Diana Johnson-Art
Ms. Melissa Johnson—Latin
Ms. Dana Klinkner—PE and Health
Ms. Nelly Konkin-Language Arts and Rhetoric
Ms. Rita Laugerman—Math
Ms. Mary Lutz-Study Hall Supervisor
Dr. Margaret McCarney—Language Arts
Mr. Brendan O’Hara—Language Arts
Ms. Kelly O’Rourke—Reading Specialist
Mr. Robert Petko-Science
Ms. Sasha Ross—Math
Ms. Susan Samuelson-Physical Ed
Ms. Sara Seal-Language Arts
Mr. Ted Sexton—Language Arts
Mr. Chris Shepard—History
Ms. Kimberly Strand—Science
Ms. Sarah Taylor—Language Arts
Dr. Maura Williams-Latin
Ms. Renae Williams—Music
Ms. Rachel Zinter—Math

Student Services
Ms. Ann Antus—LS Special Education
Ms. Natalie Ferguson—US Special Education
Ms. Kristin Hankwitz-US Special Education
Ms. Yaritzy Sorenson -US Special Education
Ms. Katelyn Tschida—ELL Teacher

Educational Assistants

Ms. Claudine Altunbilek
Mr. Adam Eberhardt
Ms. Courtney Eller
Ms. Kayla Halvorson
Ms. Zoey Hansen
Mr. Shannon Hooge
Ms. Mary Jones
Ms. Jacqueline Jones
Ms. Carly Jorgensen
Ms. Kelly Jorgenson
Ms. Abigail Jovanovich
Mr. Ryan Oden
Ms. Annette Olson
Ms. Diana Reinhardt
Ms. Alyssa Rose
Ms. Renea Schuessler
Ms. Kate Tetmeyer
Mr. Christopher Tomhave
Ms. Kari Walker
Ms. Deeta Wanless
Ms. Carrie Webb